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Florida, No Immigrants Allowed?

Can I tell you a bitter truth? Florida Gov has attacked Disney, women's rights over body autonomy, and the human rights (LGBTQ community) and "Anti-Protest" Bill. Soon he will add to banning books with banning being "black."

And to add to his roster of Anti - Wokeness bills! He signed an Anti migrant bill is RIGHT WING gone Wild! Social media videos of workers leaving job sites and people needing medical help but fearful of seeking out treatment and being detained. Sure as a hardliner you jeer and cheer, however here comes the truth. Construction industry that relies heavily on migrant labor shall impact the economy severely as will migrant leaving agriculture with fruit and vegetables rotting in the fields. Criminalizing empathy is the new Florida Jim Crow dressed up in Anti-Woke hooded regalia. These impacts are already being felt. Truckers are refusing to take produce into the state of Florida. Building sites have been left abandoned literally unfinished. The result is the crackdown of migrants will decimate the economy because there is no other labor force to do the kind of back breaking work to pick fruit in Florida’s searing heat, build homes and buildings, and lay asphalt. Approximately, $8B will be lost to tax revenue. Yes, immigrants pay taxes. Latin Americans who overwhelmingly voted for the Florida Governor are waking up to the fact that while he is anti-abortion, he is also anti-immigrant. At the end of the day, he will turn his back on you to get votes and appease his MAGA base. But, he appreciates your vote to allow him to crush you - how ironic? Finally, the Governor is exempt from his own law that penalizes anyone caught engaging in the transportation of migrants. He gave $12M of taxpayer funds to do so but he won't fund Headstart, Child Services, Mental Health or rural mobile medical clinics or bills to give senior citizens a large population of his constituency a greater voice towards insurance and fixed income rental protections against landlord price gouging. If you thought housing was bad, wait until the new construction stagnation hits the economy and agriculture prices skyrocket don't scream like you did at gas prices! You need these Florida Republicans after you kicked out migrants in pursuit of your white wakanda!

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