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Updated: May 9, 2023

Who is Harlan Crow? That's a great question to ask given the recent rotation of news about Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court. No, He isn't a supreme court justice - not a bad guess given civic and American government pop quizzes are not administered outside of the non banned education courses for young adults. Also, Mr. Crow is not a congressman either, but he comes from north of Dallas, Texas. Harlan Crow is one of Texas's billionaires. He's the chairman of Crow Holdings. He is a real estate developer and inherited a fortune from his dad Trammell Crow a magnate himself.

What difference does it make who Harlan Crow is?

Well, he is plenty rich and if you ever need to a loan after bank turns you down because the artificial intelligence (AI) employed biased algorithm to deem you not risk worthy then you may need to know him. Perhaps knowing that he is one of the largest and most influential donors to the Republican conservative agenda may pique an interest. But, you should know that he is the central figure in the current US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas scandal. Judge Thomas and Mr Crow are friendly. Crow has provided lavish expensive vacationn for Judge Thomas and paid for his great nephew tuition to a private school.On the surface that seems alright but for ethics rules or lack thereof to guide gift giving and acceptance by justices. Especially when cases involving Crow Holdings' interests may be brought before the court and his friend Clarence Thomas may preside over a case, prosecution or question involving Harlan Crow. It is odd to me that more guardrails would be in place and an independent oversight committee appointed to monitor and oversee the ethical conduct and transactions within the judges staffs. After all, many professions are covered by ethical standards that must be obeyed such as ddoctors, lawyers, law enforcement and military members. Consequently, the lack of ethical oversight and rules seems so unnatural and unlikely that you almost didn't even think about justices not having ethics as part of their duties because the court is the highest in the land. So, it stands to reason that the highest of ethical conduct should be the minimum rather than none. I so hope that there are real changes to come about due to this scandal.

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