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Pants on Fire

Updated: Feb 21, 2023


It is pointless to discuss or argue about whether or not the 2020 elections were stolen! Fox News has lost their soul and may never regain an ounce of integrity after knowingly using the election results lies to boost their ratings and lie to their majority white audience! The new revelations show how hosts looked the American people in their eye and lied. These baseless allegations and accusations of election integrity was because of a pro-white narcissist and outgoing president, Donald Trump, who could not accept or concede defeat and support a peaceful transfer of power.

The Fox News propaganda, aka news reporting, has destroyed communities, families, friends, and colleagues by sowing seeds of division only to be anti-CNN, anti-MSNBC, anti-democrat, anti -everything Democratic including the institution of electoral law and US government.

Fox News offered their constituents a safe haven to grumble and rage about how AMERICA is being destroyed by liberal leftists and socialists, and how immigration both legal and illegal threatens to dilute the purity of America amd stop America from becoming Great Again! Fox News became the bonfire 🔥 for which the self professed white Christian evangelical forgotten Americans gathered around daily to hear the self fulfilling prophecy of America being taken away from them but here is the kicker! It was not the natural enemies of American democracy but other Americans that didn't look like them posing a threat to the MAGA cult but instead it was people who were trying to make a difference and improve their circumstances - immigrants and 2nd & 3rd generation immigrants American citizens. These families who had the audacity to be born or live legally in this country and seek to be all they could and can be!

Thanks Fox News for making our neighbors hate us, thanks for tearing friendships apart, thanks for helping to achieve generational division to enrich your constituents. There is a lot of money to be made in division and less when we are more United. Check Trump rallies and look at the merchandise stalls-who do you think makes the items. If you doubt, please go online to the former President online store and check out the prices and variety of his items and realize the amount of revenue made of the back of espousing racially coded propaganda. In aadition, the podcasters who sell their vitamins and "cures" for a hefty marked-up price during their paid advertising commercial breaks, but what do I know- just a mere citizen who would rather shake his neighbors hand than continue to exist in an isolated environment; I prefer to share a beverage or two with them! Thanks for nothing Fox News and Ultra Right media! I understand Left wing news outlet and print media may not be the answer either but they certainly did not and have not sunk to the sub basement gutter falsehood to turn Americans against each other to help our enemies who watch with glee as we literally tear ourselves apart over skin color, diversity, education, infrastructure, justice and the pillars of democracy- hope! AMERICA has shown it's true colors during the President Obama era where Congress literally came to a standstill led by obstructionists led by Mitch McConnell. They rather grind AMERICA to a halt than advance tangible solutions for American problems for fear the other party get too much credit. They know to kill hope is a tinderbox to burn 🔥 down the American experiment! Finally, Black Americans are 4 times as likely and Hispanic Americans are 2 times as likely to be murdered by a police officer so plan B is fear, intimidation, and annihilation by any means necessary including breaking their own laws to do it. But hope cannot and never will be broken because how can you break a people that have already endured over 400 years of pain and subjugation- you can't! Minorities are not victims but things searching for humanity. Liar liar pants 👖 on fire 🔥!

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