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Thoughts and Prayers?

Why do we need AR15s? Is the market expansion, NRA control and gun lobby influences so much more important?

GOP led US Supreme Court turning over Roe vs Wade but allows heinous violence to be perpetuated against children through wonton mass shooting that takes the lives of innocent Americans? GOP touts the safety of America but in the same breath condemns immigrants for adding to crime rate? Why do US Supreme Court justices need body guards but school children are largely unprotected, minorities in their communities and religious churches, mosques and synagogues are attacked by racism fueled armed and passive attacks! Why do we need so many darn weapons? After each mass shooting - American government politicians and police offer “thoughts and prayers” for what? For not trying to do more? Police don’t prevent crimes! And they don’t always solve crimes - these are facts! But they do lobby and receive more military equipment and funding? Meanwhile, innocent children and civilians are are prayed over as their loved morn their loss, identity their lifeless bodies and are left asking and wondering why an American has online purchase access to AR15s to massacre their child, friend, neighbor, classmate, teacher, pastor, teacher, and retirees. If you collected all the proverbial tear’s spilt over tragic misguided mass shootings racial hatred fueled tyranny murders, you could fill any ocean and dump all the unnecessary pain causing automatic and manual available civilian accessible weapons and drown them.

Yes people pull the trigger and are accountable but a manufacturer makes a weapon while a government presides over its accessibility with laws and policies that ultimately make it easier or harder to acquire thus placing the murder behind the gunsight and finger in the trigger well aimed directly at my child, your children and our loved ones.

Next time you want to give a “thought” think about voting out the keepers of gun law protectors and when you offer “prayers” pray for sensibility over profitability!

Open line of communication that results in action against pointless murders and eradication of harmful archaic gun laws, rights, and policies is needed. Someone should leak that like Roe Vs Wade decision!

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