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Vampires, Werewolves Oh My

Updated: Dec 11, 2022


“I don’t know if you know, vampires are cool people, are they not?” said Republican candidate Herschel Walker.

Late Tuesday evening, Georgians elected outgoing Senator Raphael Warnock to a full term as their next state Senate representative. He is the first African-American to be elected to a complete six-year term in the state of Georgia. Yes, hard to believe we are in 2022 and celebrating “first achievements.” Yet, many will say because of President Obama’s election; there is no systemic racism or invisible guardrails against minority ascension. Likewise, Georgia Governor Kemp delightfully proclaims long lines and limited polling stations in minority gerrymandered districts are false indicators of obvious voter suppression. He wrote the rules as Secretary of State! I am glad Senator Warnock won this close run-off election, but that this election was even close gives me so much pause in celebrating Warnock’s victory against a former football hero.

The political race between Mr. Herschel Walker, former College Football Heisman Trophy winner, and Sen Raphael Warnock, a church pastor, was a closely contested battle waged on a political battleground amidst election deniers and voter suppression.

However, the proximity of the political race leaves me stunned and disappointed! Aside from party politics, qualifications and credibility separated Senator Warnock from Herschel Walker. Sen Warnock worked on lowering prescription drug prices and a significant infrastructure bill with not only Democrats but also MAGApublicans (former Republican Party). Herschel Walker used a fake badge as an accessory during the campaign and falsely boasted about careers he didn’t have as an FBI agent, the horrific treatment of women, and charges of abortions. However, Walker deflected the accusations and criticisms somewhat like his supporter Donald Trump. In reality, the midterm theme of 2022, Donald Trump endorsing the candidates, did not go well.

My disappointment revolves around how many MAGApublicans still voted not for the most qualified but for the candidate who wore their brand! I mean, Senator Lindsay Graham went on the Fox News MAGA television show hosted by the unofficial Donald Trump advisor and screamed and hollered. In contrast, finger-pointing at a stoic tranquilizer Herschel Walker, about how having an African American running as a GOP candidate shows the MAGA party is not racist at all. Yes, he called the silent, mesmerized Walker a token to his face and the Fox News audience, not to mention the millions of social media followers who have since watched the cringy video.

That the white senator from South Carolina, all but draped in virtual confederate regalia, audaciously campaigned for a known unqualified candidate bereft of political legitimacy and washed in domestic violence. Scandal tells you everything about their political party and feelings about black people. Walker was supposed to be the dutiful, obedient black senator instructed by his leadership on what to say and do and not question anything, and knew his place. So it was disappointing.

However, Sen Warnock ran a successful campaign letting his opponent and surrogates trip over themselves and their words with one after another buffoonery attempt to make a case that Walker was a better candidate- a worthy Black opponent who wouldn’t play the race victim card that ultra MAGA extremists accuse liberals and minorities of doing. But the better man and human being got elected to represent all Georgians. The victory shows the Lindsey Graham of the MAGA world that it is not skin color and never was but competence, compassion, and character that is a true and better testament to a person most worthy to lead.

After all, who wants a vampire or werewolf to run for office when there are so many other types of monsters running free around our cities, even those in cloaked in law enforcement uniforms? Thank goodness Sen Warnock won. Democracy has prevailed, but close elections show that much work is still needed. The Senate Chamber has a shining light among its members in Georgia, Senator Raphael Warnock!


Vampires & Werewolves

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