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You are Fired Tucker!

Updated: May 7


The earthquake felt through the cable news fault line last week was Fox News finally pulling its #1 from the prime time cable news show Tucker Carlson. That's like kicking Santa Claus off Christmas Eve!

Well, Fox News didn't come up with gifts, but they did settle a defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Machines for just under $800 million! Thereafter, a significant amount of discussion about his shooting surrounds personal communications and text messages revealing a darker truth about Carlson. Apart from misogyny and obvious falsehoods, he had a deep resentment of minorities and a violent attitude.

His platform traded racial insults and threats. He praised the "replacement theory; a theory consumed by Fox News viewers and right-wing audiences that minorities were specifically set up to replace white people! His steadfast support for Trump was support on the air because the messages showed that he felt the contrary about the former president.

As the case with Rush Limbaugh, Bill O Reilly, and Glenn Beck, Carlson is fired and the rotation of white spokesmen espousing white Christian nationalism, values, and superiority continues to regurgitate ancient myths like replacement theory and tired repackaged culture wars that seem to only benefit a particular demographic. His public will have to seek him elsewhere to get their anti-democratic opinions and their hate propaganda! We know from history what happens next?

It's crazy to think, Tucker will not respond eventually and start to speak out again in the same manner he has always done! Their is an appetite for his brand of white nationalism and blame conspiracy that will draw old and new followers like a moth to a flame!

Below is an excerpt published in New York Times and a link to article.

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