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Voting rights, Bloating Lies

I needed to post information regarding voting rights and the false rhetoric that everyone can vote same as before; or voter identification cards are needed; only legal citizens should be allowed to vote. In addition, right wing media fuel their supporters anger about their 2020 election loss with rants about “stop the steal” but mind you the courts threw out baseless claims but it served a bigger purpose for those false lawsuits - it allowed states to push laws that disenfranchise voters of minority communities so that stokes the supporters claim. Recently one comment deeply immersed into the Big Lie offered Internet evidence of Dominion voting machines connected to the Internet. But not suprised they don’t acknowledge the Dominion lawsuits against Fox and Trump Lawyers and failure by any of them to show proof! If their was the slightest truth they don’t question why their news agencies have stopped talking about it due to exposure to lawsuits so they rush to online forums to beat their chest about “mountain of evidence” still not revealed. Strong feelings replace truth and evidence. We all should go with our gut! Wrong! Democracy has been diminished and democrats labels as every bad thing their gut can conjure up. Fear drives them to accept unfounded claims and the smarter wealthier donors behind the false claim of election stolen bask in the Sun of their lower deck Yachts - division and lies are big businesses and business is booming as a broker recently remarked for companies sponsoring division. “Stop the steal” who doesn’t want to buy that tshirt and bumper sticker.

“Republican partisans can use race as a proxy to identify communities with large numbers of Democratic voters. In 2020, according to the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of non-Hispanic Black voters supported Democrat Joe Biden over Republican Donald Trump — and that’s after Trump slightly improved his performance among African Americans compared to 2016.

That means that state lawmakers who wish to prevent Democrats from voting can do so through policies that make it harder for Black voters (and, to a lesser extent, most other nonwhite voters) to cast a ballot. And Republican lawmakers haven’t been shy about doing so. As a federal appeals court wrote in 2016 about a North Carolina law that included many provisions making it harder to vote, “the new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision.”(VOX) on Apple News

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