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People have posted racist pictures and left derogatory speech like Janet Pratt who left not one but two monkey pictures. We expect that from GOP and we forgive them for their means to express themselves.

Congratulations to Judge Jackson for her head held high dignity. After all, we’ve been here before with First Lady Michelle Obama and how did that work out - she is doing great still.

Jackson was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday in a 53-47 vote with all members of the Democratic caucus and three Republicans voting for her nomination. She will assume her duties on the court in early summer when Justice Stephen Breyer retires.

After her graduation from Harvard Law School, Jackson clerked for Justice Breyer on the Supreme Court.

Jackson, 51, went on to serve eight years as a federal trial court judge and was confirmed in June for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Before becoming a judge, she worked as a public defender and will be the first Supreme Court justice since Thurgood Marshall with experience representing indigent criminal defendants.

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