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Watching the Judge Jackson SCOTUS confirmation hearing and listening to the opposition questions, banners and dog whistles serve to affirm and remind the invisible wall erected to slow, prevent, obscure and stop ascension. It was interesting for Sen Ted Cruz to evoke Dr Martin Luther King and familiarity to cloak his racial attacks on Critical Race Theory unearthed from the Newt Gingrich GOP playbook - take a buzzword radicalize and then hammer and paint the democrats with it! Funny thing I have those books Cruz displayed and so does my granddaughters! And the NYT had advertising to consider with the P1619 change but the revisionist concept leaves out the majority written history is what is preferred because it leaves out Tulsa massacre, Houston riots, Jim Crow, Orangeburg massacre, Rosewood which all put to shame the riots seen after George Floyd murder! Obfuscation of education, justice, equality, voting and bill of rights is the goal of Sen Cuz and his colleagues. Sen Lindsey Graham confirmed Judge Jackson for District judge appointment but now how dare she try and ascend!! His theater and feigned histrionics made me shake my head because if you think for one moment any of that was real and not motivated by midterm dark money GOP donors then we all should really call it a day and go straight back to whites only and segregation in schools, government, justice and even entertainment- imagine a white only NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS. The strong question is not an issue or new but the dressed up racism and false outrage is a problem! Period! Breaking Ranks

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