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Unforgiven Student Loan

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

“I feel like the Supreme Court is supposed to be representing us and our best interests. Do they not care? Or is it because they’re so far removed from it, they don’t have to think about it,” said Shyra Bluminberg, a 26-year-old graduate of Eastern Illinois University. "(Washington Post)

“I feel like the Supreme Court is supposed to be representing us and our best interests. Do they not care? Or is it because they’re so far removed from it, they don’t have to think about it,” said Shyra Bluminberg, a 26-year-old graduate of Eastern Illinois University. "(Washington Post)

Last Friday's Supreme Court ruling was a shock to some and a good thing to others. The court's decision to shut down President Biden's campaign promise for student loan forgiveness put the brakes on the administration's efforts to deliver a much anticipated and much-needed plan to lift many drowning in debt.

The Super Majority, skillfully and patiently crafted by Senator Mitch McConnell over the past few administrations, has delivered exactly what conservatives have wanted for years - a repeal and repudiation of painstaking social advances and promises to the American people. The court has overturned Roe v. Wade and added student loan forgiveness to the garbage pile of democratic initiatives. Wait a minute, isn't student debt a problem that affects students from all walks of life and from all political backgrounds? Yes and No.

Many students who are falling further and further behind the crushing weight of financial obligations come from middle- and low-income households and communities. These communities have a large number of students who are experiencing financial difficulties and who are minorities. On the other hand, some students in financial difficulty have a lower burden due to their better financial and economic position. In addition, representative communities fall into the political category of conservatives and wealthier individuals with professional careers such as lawyers, doctors and accountants.

I believe that the government and Supreme Court are supposed to be helping people within the constructs of law and not rendering decisions harshly based upon their own beliefs and views on political affiliation and their interests, such as wealthy donors seeking presumed favors. Ethical conduct in the highest court should be of the highest quality and paramount on other issues. Based on the many revelations of influence peddling and overtures made to justices, the American people are aware of the importance that these decisions have on political power and their ability to control certain segments of the public.

" ‘I have no hope’: Student borrowers devastated by high court ruling" is an article in the Washington Post. The title resonates with many students and readers who have waited and watched closely for a life-threatening decision. The high debt load hurts and almost cripples students to a certain extent. As a result, they were angered, anxious and frustrated by the recent decision. Moreover, students and their parents also feel depressed because they finally had a little hope with President Biden. His pledge and promise to do something about this debt situation had been met with skepticism from the right and relief from many Americans needing assistance.

I am confident that the court's decision did exactly what the powerful people behind these policies have been trying to accomplish for decades. They have been trying desperately to kill 'hope' and crush the people who desire opportunities and believe in democracy and freedom to pursue their dreams. Thus, the need and desire to incur student loan debt to pay for their education to create better conditions and provide a better future. But this is not what the Conservatives want! That's right. Hope is the focus of the Conservative conspiracy, and hope is their fear too. President Obama has won two elections based on his eloquent court of hope that resonated with all Americans of all backgrounds. Stopping the administration attempts to kill the hope that you can get ahead despite the false narrative spanned by conservatives that "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps" is the only way and social assistance is a hindrance or obstacle to progress. All long-time Republican white-collar members of Congress have had some assistance despite their inability to acknowledge it. The issue with this romantic notion of fairness and equality is that it just doesn't exist. For example, Sen. Tim Scott likes his yarn about single mother upbringing and his path to Congress as an example of non racial assent by a black man in government. He's the only black Republican senator I know. And yes, his symbolic patronage is buried in the same donations as he and his contributors. If fairness and equality were enough, why didn't we have a female president, or why did it take so long for a light-skinned black man to finally be president? What these ambitious Conservatives forget is how strong hope is at the point where former slaves have become more than just goods, but creators.

What I hate more than anything is that this ugly and dangerous discourse depicts many minorities as less than lazy and unworthy. The Supreme Court, law enforcement murdering innocent black citizens, taking away body autonomy from women, creating false identities of success, and building a class system of racial inequality with a judicial system and incarceration pipeline all predicated on white supremacy. It works even when minorities are marginalized by the gifted recognition conferred by white society. Athletes of color make ridiculous amounts of money, but it is predominantly white owners across major sports backed by white media outlets and established white agencies who often represent or invest in minority agents; they all get a bite of the minority athletes' money pie. The same applies to the film and music industries, who have created all the alliances to make or break a successful actor, singer or writer.

What is the connection with student debt? Maybe all or none according to the perspective. To me, the important thing is that people don't want or don't need handouts or even a hand up. They need not to be harassed, blocked, devalued or ignored. They need a fair, honest and equal chance more than a conditional pardon. A single mom raised me, and I still struggle every step of the way not to take my last breath and live. The opportunity will always matter more to me than forgiveness, and hope will always matter more than a 30-day extension.

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