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Hear Ye…The Court is in Session

SCOTUS is the nation's highest court in the land and functions as if it is in the Wizard of Oz except their is no wizard behind the curtain pulling levers just wealthy billionaires with extreme conservative views. The court's decision is not in the interest of solving any inequities or balancing legacy education admissions especially into Ivy League schools. There is no equal protection as argued by Justice Roberts. Rather there is further division and obstacles coupled with the other half of the conservative courts two pronged attack based on the judicial block for student loan forgiveness. The right has screaming about Donald Trumps indictment as part of Biden administration weaponizing the justice department but silent on the ultra conservative court dismantling social advances. As people struggle with economic issues and employment instability, conservatives have used this distraction to destroy social apparatus by cutting the legal legs right from under them! SCOTUS going after affirmative action after overturning roe vs Wade and blocking student loan forgiveness is just another example of how flawed our precious democracy is without guardrails and fundamental voice of the people and their (our) vote! Bad court and bad decisions!

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