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What He Said

Funny is not a word I associate with karma, cliches or truth! But when a person adamantly professes a higher resolve to punish offenders for a crime but then they do the actual crime they accused others of then...well if the "cap fits then wear it." Donald Trump did this very unfunny thing!

Also of funny and interesting is when his supporters argue against his recent indictment without ever having read the indictment itself because their news source is his truth Social media platform🤷🏽‍♂️!

Obviously none of this funny but rather sad state of the decline of fact based journalism, belief in institutions of government and trust in rule of law. As the scales of justice swing increasingly toward unjust, inequality and corruption (Justice Clarence Thomas), we the people suffer from the ever effects of an imperfect union and authoritarian rule. That is no laughing matter!

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