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Love Far Away

In a land far away, where dreams take flight,

Two granddaughters shine, a source of pure light.

With hearts so kind, and spirits so free,

They embarked on a journey, a grand odyssey.

Their laughter, like melodies, danced in the air,

Their smiles, like sunbeams, so radiant and rare.

In their eyes, the wisdom of the world they'd explore,

As they set sail to distant shores, seeking more.

Oh, how I miss their giggles, so sweet and true,

Their hugs, warm and tender, like morning dew.

Their absence is a void, a longing profound,

Yet in my heart, their love forever surrounds.

Through the vast oceans, I send my love,

On the wings of hope, soaring high above.

Each night, as stars twinkle, I make a silent plea,

For their happiness and safety, wherever they may be.

May life's adventures bring them joy untold,

May their dreams take flight and their spirits unfold.

Though distance may separate, love knows no bounds,

For they are forever cherished, my granddaughters profound.

So, my dear ones, as you explore this wide world,

Know that my love for you will never be unfurled.

In every sunset's glow and every moonbeam's gleam,

You'll find the echoes of my love, like a never-ending stream.

For you are my heart, my joy, and my pride,

Forever entwined in a bond that won't subside.

And though we're apart, our love will remain,

A testament to the beautiful memories we gained.

By Wayne Ince

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