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Family Gratitude

In the bustling chaos of life's daily grind,

There's one constant that brings peace of mind.

A family, like no other, that stands so strong,

A pillar of support when things go wrong.

With hearts full of love and arms open wide,

They offer comfort and care, right by your side.

Through thick and thin, they're always there,

A shoulder to lean on, a burden to share.

Gratitude fills my being, for this treasured bond,

For the laughter, the tears, the wisdom fond.

The lessons learned, the memories made,

Through ups and downs, our love has never frayed.

From parents who guide with unconditional love,

To siblings who tease, but were sent from above.

The laughter we share, the joy that's felt,

Forever connected, our hearts forever knelt.

Through the years, we've weathered life's storm,

Holding each other close, keeping each other warm.

For the blessings that flow from this family tree,

My gratitude pours forth, like a limitless sea.

So here's to my family, my rock, my light,

Grateful and blessed, each day and each night.

Thankful for the lessons, the love so true,

Forever grateful for all of you.

By Wayn Ince

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