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A Work in Progress

In the realm of self-discovery lies a tale,

Of an innocent child, a black child, oh so frail,

From a world enveloped in darkness and despair,

He embarked on a journey to find self-awareness, so rare.

In the face of adversity racism's cruel sting,

He sought his own voice, a way to sing,

Through the trials and tribulations of his youth,

He found strength within, the essence truth.

With each step he took, a new layer he'd uncover,

Unraveling the mysteries, his soul on a quest to discover,

He refused to let societal chains hold him tight,

His spirit soared high, radiating with a brilliant light.

Though the world tried to break him, label him less,

He dusted off discrimination, rising above the mess,

With relentless determination, he forged his own path,

An of resilience, defying society's wrath.

Like a phoenix reborn, he transformed into a man,

Transcending the shackles of racism's corrupt plan,

embraced his identity, every shade of his skin,

Radiating with pride, triumphing over racist din.

Through the trials, he discovered his authentic voice,

A beacon of hope, shining through life's noise,

He shattered the chains that had tried to confine,

And crafted a life, that words fail to define.

So let this be a testament to the power within,

That self-discovery can overcome even racism's grim,

Innocence transformed into wisdom so pure,

A black child, now an adult, triumphant and sure.

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