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A Season of Hope

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

In the winter's hush, when the snowflakes fall,

A season of love and joy, Christmas calls.

A time for family, togetherness, and cheer,

A time to hold each other close, my dear.

The fireplace crackles, warming our hearts,

As we gather 'round, never to be apart.

The scent of cinnamon and pine fills the air,

As we decorate the tree with utmost care.

Memories flood, like a river rushing by,

Of laughter, love, and Christmases gone by.

The sound of carols, sung with pure delight,

Echo through the night,

Dance upon our window pane,

A reminder of the beauty that remains.

A season of hope, as we reflect and pray,

For peace on earth, to guide us on our way.

And as we gather 'round, hand in hand,

May this Christmas be more than just grand.

May it be a time to heal, to forgive,

To cherish the moments we truly live.

So let's raise a glass, to this special day,

To the memories made, that will never fade.

For in our hearts, the spirit of Christmas lives,

A flame that burns, a light that forever thrives.

Throughout the year, it's love that gives,

Spreading joy, reminding us how to truly live.

Self care is important through the holidays

Mental Health must not be betrayed.

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