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Divided But We Live Next Door

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

I read a few articles this weekend and i responded to a couple of them. I encourage my readers to do the same with my work. I dont pretend or posture behind any credentials nor do i think that i know everything. In fact, just the opposite is true actually, I find I know less and less about many things as I learn more about my own mental health. I like to write and I'm very comfortable in my skin and confident in my informed opinions and my lived experiences.

Political and social agendas often fuel the motivation behind creating division in our nation. Those in power may use tactics of fear-mongering and scapegoating to manipulate and control the population. By pitting groups of people against each other, they can divert attention away from larger systemic issues and maintain their hold on power. This creates a toxic environment of hate and prejudice, ultimately damaging our society. Questioning who is benefiting from these divisions and actively working towards unity and understanding is important.

Journalists in Peril: The Crucial Battle for Free Speech

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Pull Back The Curtain

Who asks us to dislike (hate) one another and why? Rather than focusing on the act itself, I ask that we see experiences as the catalyst for disliking humans by color, religion, creed, and gender but its not the end result. For instance, a person getting mugged or robbed by a a criminal does not make all people of that same racial community criminals — Sen Tubberville. The experience was horrible but by no means define the entire race of the perpetrators.

One day, while watching a news clip in documentary about Civil Rights I viewed a southern white woman calling people like her “help” dirty, it reminded me of how miseducation, separation, fear, and weakness divide us to our shame and detriment. People spreading lies have sown distrust, widened the gulf between fact and fiction, and alienated families, friends, and neighbors. He lost the 2020 election. Most Americans support women’s reproductive rights and Black Lives Matter is not a terrorist organization any more than the Black Panthers of the 1960s were. Besides listening and being open to change, John and Robert Kennedy exhibited a peaceful vision of unity, Martin Luther King advocated for change, and Fred Hampton led a movement to unite Southside Chicago residents of all races by establishing a breakfast program.

Because of the fear of uniting the nation, they were all killed for their alleged crimes. Despite this, the powers of division could stop any potential movement toward unity in 2016, and it was a division agenda fueled that triumphed over any potential move toward unity in 2016. In order to provide a better alternative to all the alternative far-right and domestically grown hatred, we need to provide a better explanation to perceived social ills and racial hatred and to continue to fight against the division with a good narrative offering solutions.We must question the “why” of it all. This Division narrative undeniably encourages the pursuit of greed, corruption, and power no matter the consequences, even if it involves committing murder, telling lies, and engaging in subversive activities, despite its lack of truthfulness and deception.

A Funny Thing Happened Along the Way

Personal Journal Entry

This dangerous narrative thrives on exploiting the differences among people, magnifying them to create an “us versus them” mentality. It preys on our deepest fears and insecurities, manipulating us into believing that our well-being and success can only come at the expense of others. It feeds on our desire for power and control, fueling a never-ending cycle of greed and corruption.

When division narrative takes hold, it becomes a breeding ground for moral decay. The pursuit of power blinds individuals to the suffering they cause, leading them down a path of deceit, betrayal, and even murder. As they strive to maintain their grasp on authority, they stop at nothing to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to their reign, even if it means extinguishing innocent lives.

Lies become the currency of the division narrative. Falsehoods are spread with such conviction and repetition that they start to seem like truth. confusion and vulnerability, unaware of the puppet strings being pulled behind the scenes. These manipulative leaders possess a cunning ability to twist the truth, exploiting the trust and naivety of their followers. With their silver-tongued rhetoric and charismatic personas, they create a distorted narrative that serves only their own selfish interests.

As the webs of deception grow thicker, the unsuspecting masses find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of half-truths and fabricated narratives. They become pawns in a grand game of manipulation, where their emotions are toyed with and their beliefs are distorted. The once clear lines between reality and deception blur, leaving them in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

Manipulative leaders and their followers thrive on this chaos, using it as a means to gain and maintain power. They understand that a confused and divided populace is easier to control, as they can be easily swayed by false promises and fear-mongering. By manipulating the narrative, they create a false sense of security, convincing the masses that their actions are in their best interest, when in reality, they are serving their own hidden agendas.

The consequences of this manipulation are far-reaching. Society becomes fragmented, with people turning against each other based on the distorted narratives they have been fed. Trust erodes, and divsion and mistrust expands. But thats what they want.

Protect Your Home and Menthal Health

Division and lies have been a constant threat to families, especially in today’s society where social, political, and racial tensions are high. These divisions can stem from differences in beliefs, opinions, and values. However, if we want to overcome these divisions and keep our families together, we must first acknowledge the problem and work towards finding common ground.

One way to overcome division is through open and honest communication. It is important to have respectful conversations where each person is allowed to express their thoughts and feelings without judgment. By actively listening to each other, we can understand and empathize with different perspectives. This can help bridge the gap and create a sense of unity within the family.

Another important factor is to educate ourselves and our families on current social, political, and racial issues. By being informed, we can have meaningful discussions and avoid falling prey to false information and lies. It is also important to teach our children about diversity and inclusion, and to embrace and celebrate our differences.

Finally, it is crucial to lead by example. As parents and family members, we must model the behavior we want to see in our families and society. This means treating others with kindness and respect, and standing up against hate and discrimination. By showing love and acceptance towards one another, we can create a strong and united family that can overcome any division thrown our way.

In conclusion, overcoming division and lies within families is not a simple task, but it is necessary for the well-being and unity of our families. By promoting open communication, educating ourselves and our families, and leading by example, we can create a safe and loving environment where everyone accepts and values each other. Let us work towards building stronger and more inclusive families, and a more united and peaceful world.

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