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Take A Bite of the Hyprocisy Apple - GOP

It seems to me that just yesterday, there were mortified people of all races and religion walking down the street protesting the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police. The gruesome kneeling on his neck for 8+ minutes while spectators looked on in horror as other law enforcement officers passively supported him by doing nothing remains an undeniable bloody stain on our nation. The hypocrites treat Christian beliefs contempt only in what the religious Bible regards as sinful murder and subjection of a race.

And "nothing" is exactly what the government does to rebuild or even build trust and belief between law enforcement agencies working in color communities and the general public. State and local government, corporations and Congressional representatives have made many honorary overtures by pretending to remedy a clear and present danger to society - white domestic terrorism. Both political parties talk about protection, but one party focuses on “making America Great Again” for a third of the country, and the other party attempts to push socially progressive policies, but neither has firmly addressed in law, policy, and direct action to address the issue of domestic terrorism. However, to be reasonable, the Biden administration is actively seeking justice for the January 6 insurrection. A bipartisan committee held public hearings, which informed the country about the dangers posed by the radical right. 

When it comes to law enforcement and targeting citizens of color, domestic terrorists have infiltrated the ranks of the police and recruited primarily white agents for their cause.  The White House understood and considered history and the threat through a strategic assessment:

“According to this assessment, one key aspect of today's domestic terrorism threat emerges from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists and networks whose racial, ethnic, or religious hatred leads them toward violence, as well as those they encourage to take violent action. These actors have different motivations, but many focus their violence on the same segments of the American community, whether persons of color, immigrants, Jews, Muslims, other religious minorities, women and girls, LGBTQI+ individuals, or others. Their emphasis on violence may sometimes be self-explanatory. It also can, at times, be less explicit, lurking in ideologies rooted in a perception of the superiority of the white race that calls for violence in furtherance of perverse and abhorrent notions of racial "purity" or "cleansing." White


Following the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent conviction of his police murderer, public outrage over the heinous crime required requests to DEFUND THE POLICE. I have been on social media platforms ( to support this initiative. Conservatives and segments of the country met the call for defunding the police with righteous indignation and seized the matter contorting the narrative and bending it as they do to form their version of the truth. Definancing the police reminds me of the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem in protest against police brutality. The country, thanks to Trump and his angry MAGA supporters, focused on the false narrative of disrespect for the flag, which was never talked about. Similarly, black lives matter (BLM) turned into the grotesque “All Lives Matter” and the counterculture “blue lives matter” to take away from the focus of the won ton murdering of innocent black people.


And now we have the GOP and their cohorts demanding the FBI and justice department be defunded.  Incredibly, just like co-opting urban colloquial “woke” and turning it into an entire anti-woke white cultural war led by Florida Gov Desantis and Texas Governor Abbott and other GOP members, they have now targeted the Special Counsel investigation into leading GOP 2024 Presidential candidate Donald Trump criminal activity specifically mishandling classified material.  So, for those still peddling lies that minority communities wallow in victimhood, minorities live in neighborhoods and need protection just like other communities. The government is protecting everybody, and it should not leave things out. Everything African Americans demand regarding equity or justice is immediately rejected and inserted into those lying narrative.

This is one of the reasons that the GOP strategy has turned to local school boards and public education to undermine African American history and culturally diverse books and lessons. Book bans are not about protecting children but purposeful attacks to indoctrinate students at a young age with anti-cultural differences to inoculate them for sympathetic or empathetic awareness of historical sins.


The GOP is steeped in hypocrisy to the point that portions of their strategy to erase and replace historical facts with false contexts like slavery occurring, but it wasn't that bad, and the LGBTQ community exists. However, they live apart from that which white Christians consider normal. All these falsehoods hurt our nation because they are devoid of trying to improve and make a better world. This harmful rhetoric dies the opposite and not only stunts the growth of our country but our young children, who are deprived of the opportunity to decide for themselves what and who they may want to love, live and commiserate with as they become adults.


Being a young person has never been more dangerous. As I gaze upon my granddaughter and watch her mature into a young adult, I'm excited and scared all at the same time because she embodies a multi-racial changing world that is confronting a future with very challenging issues to solve, like climate change, population growth, crime, job displacement, artificial intelligence, justice inequalities poverty, healthcare, and human equality. Taking the criminal responsibility of a former president away from the FBI is an indictment against the entire GOP and their support for white supremacy, disadvantaged children, and inequality. Shame on these people.

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