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Daughter of Mine

Your giggles fill the air with joy,

melodies that no one destroy.

Your innocence is a precious treasure,

A reminder of life's simple.

With each step you take, you bloom and grow,

In your heart I see the love and kindness flow.

You touch our lives with warmth and,

Your compassion, a gift beyond compare.

In your eyes, I see world so bright,

A future filled with dreams and endless light.

May you always have the courage to chase,

Every goal and aspiration you embrace.

Through triumph and every tear,

Know that I'll always be right here.

To you, support you, and hold your hand,

Together, we'll conquer life's demanding demand.

So my dearest daughter, take flight and soar,

Know that my love will forever endure.

You are my sunshine, my heart delight,

Forever and always, my my

by Wayne Ince

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