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Conservatives Attacks LGBTQ and Affirmative Action

Florida governor Desantis put out another attack ad and this time he goes after the LGBTQ community on the last day of Pride month in June. He signed the infamous "Don't Say Gay" law, banned books, and even openly attacked African American history in Florida schools. This ad is horrible and highlights how poisoning America's melting pot is preferable than trying to reap benefits of diversity and all it offers.

Recent Supreme Court decisions have really created dissatisfaction in my mind. I am sure many in the majority have appreciated the decisions that are against the democratic culture of the left, that the government is helping people rather than hurting them to the point of suffering.

It is utterly ridiculous to say that President Biden used his leadership to spend money on student loan forgiveness as an abuse of power. He has an obligation to help the country and to help thousands of students, which would stimulate the economy in some respects and improve the lives of many people. Especially in comparison with George Bush's plea for President Obama to rescue Wall Street. Also, the non use of executive powers to buy enough Covid vaccines like Donald Trump, who then turned around and gave the most wealthy one of the largest tax breaks to make them richer and add take away from the deficit.

The Court knocked down Affirmative Action to the delight of majority conservatives who are well situated economically and others who frankly just don’t believe in any assistance from government even when it benefits them (they believe the false narratives of their rich counterparts). Yes, it's your right as a Conservative to have those opinions - save the banks and drown out the middle class and the lower class! Sink or swim, isn't it? Conservative mantra! Well, there is a slight issue with what the Court said in its opinion (spoiler alert-most people don't even read the majority or minority justice opinions). Justice Roberts stated that it was a matter of equality? In fact, first of all, affirmative action does not allow unqualified people to jump ahead or take the place of another qualified person. This is a false narrative told to their constituents (base of often angry majority voters who feel victimized?) or people who have a higher standing due to racial bias and membership as part of the majority but still struggle to understand why their circumstances still are not enough when some minorities have progressed despite many obstacles like educational opportunities. Hence, affirmative action being sold as a way or means to effect inequality onto the majority who rightfully belong because, well the condition of slavery established that clear distinction of worthiness didn’t it! Think about - if you lived outside and picked cotton without pay and sold as property separated from family and made to be submissive to your owners then why should affirmative action be necessary since the westward expansion took land and erased indigenous people and the mostly southern states stole Africans to create an entire economy of wealth off the backs of their slaves. Think of the prosperity and riches of FREE Labor! And “come on man” me! What if Amazon didn't pay their employees or McDonalds? We would serve burgers on Mars, Jupiter and orbital space stations!

Affirmative Action (AA) provided the capacity for qualified students to be recruited to Harvard and Yale who would otherwise not have received the opportunity as Supreme Court Clarence Thomas! Yes, he went to Yale Law School and graduated into a sphere of possibility that enabled and allowed him to pursue his career and achieve his dream; however, but not for AA he would be perhaps a graduate of Howard University or some other HBCU. If Ivy league schools who primarily prepare our leaders and captains of industry, then we are saying the door is closed to any and all who are not legacy or donors. Affirmative Action allows a Barack Obama or Ketanji Brown to surpass their own expectations and excel at the highest levels to then contribute to our nation and strengthen it through diversity thanks to the opportunity. But others have used the Court as a weapon to undermine social progress to only impede growth in the name of power and majority supremacy. Because if only allowing a United States President (Trump) to make rich people richer, remove choice for women reproductive rights and take away opportunities, then you in fact are stating segments of society don’t belong and never should.

Justice Roberts, citing equality is painful and full of hypocrisy, especially when law enforcement retains qualified immunity. This police protection was vigorously fought after the police killed George Floyd and many other innocent lives taken like Breonna Taylor. These killings of innocent individuals still seem to target a certain ethnic group (minorities). Congress rejects judicial reforms that promote equal legal protection. How many indigenous women must die before justice is served, how many books will be banned, and when will the LGBTQ community be given fundamental rights?

There is no affirmative action. The problem is that they lack understanding and priority for humanity within the legal framework. Why have they not tried to pass laws that protect EVERYONE's dignity and security, not just a few. We are not simply a nation of white conservative Christian nationalists. Aren’t we?

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