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Wish Upon a Starry Night

In the vast night sky, a tapestry unfolds,

A shimmering realm, celestial and bold.

A symphony of stars, like diamonds, they gleam,

Astronomical wonders, beyond our wildest dream.

Constellations twinkle, stories etched in space,

Guiding lost souls with their ancient grace.

The moon, a radiant pearl, casts its ethereal glow,

Weaving silvery whispers among shadows below.

Each star a messenger, from galaxies unseen,

Cosmic travelers, across the skyline they keen.

They map out the universe, like cosmic trails,

Revealing secrets of worlds that never fail.

Milky Ways of stardust, painted on midnight's face,

A celestial miracle, they embrace.

Eyes alight with wonder, we gaze upon the sight,

Humbled by the beauty of this celestial light.

Oh, symphony of stars, your luminescence so pure,

Profound majesty, forever we'll endure.

We stand in awe, beneath your celestial sight,

Enraptured by the beauty of the starry night.

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