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Who is driving the train?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Building a wall and surveilling the Southern border is not a policy; it is a Fox News, and MAGA grenade used to appeal to the non-college-educated Trump supporters who make up the predominant political base of the GOP, which is the Trump base. After breaking away from fellow GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis on the slavery issue, Sen Tim Scott, the only black Senator in the entire GOP, pivoted back to Trumpland with the declaration to finish the racist pledge to build a wall falsely told by Trump that Mexico would pay for but they didn’t!

As a train conductor punching tickets, Scott quickly rejoined the GOP racist train. He and Clarence Thomas are both black! They are not sellouts; they are something more sinister - compromised! As a black person in America, there is no way to divorce yourself from the legacy of slavery and attribute your upward mobility to self-reliance and non-victimology. Active 1: Those who ignore history as a motivation for success perpetuate the conservative black theory that black people hold themselves back. We have many athletes but tiny owners. There is only one black Senator in the GOP and no black caucus. If black people are to blame for their own lives and the corresponding crisis, then why do Alabama and Mississippi have redrawn voting districts to neuter black voting blocks in counties where they are the majority? Why do a majority of white people own private prison companies, but they disproportionately house minorities? There are black police chiefs, but white legacy leaders mostly led the police unions and foundations. Have you been to Boston lately? Even though cities have black mayors, crime is still rampant, just like in cities led by white mayors! Sen Tuberville stated blacks are all criminals; meanwhile, black conservatives are not heroes. Political parties are not the safety net or roof over your head that a voter can rely on to be protected from abuse. Sometimes, it’s better to go inside a building with a leaky roof than to stay outside and get annoyed when you think it’s just water when it’s something else.

I’m a Democrat, and it’s not the most remarkable thing, but we have had a two-term black president and a first female black vice president while the GOP has a single black conservative - one away from being an all-white non-black GOP in the Senate. With zero GOP policy for equality or justice or civil rights because black conservatives say you don’t need any of that - just let a majority white rule and accept inferiority and watch the selected few blacks prosper to dignify “pull yourselves up”! Black people don't want handouts. They want unimpeded opportunity as everyone else and not a knee on the neck! Black districts in Georgia have fewer polling stations, so longer lines are standard. It's against the law in Georgia to provide food or water to someone in line! Again, there are no handouts. Just stop blocking and killing innocent black people. Florida has an election police paid for to target minority voters! No handouts. Just let black people vote like everyone else! Home mortgages and property valuations - can black people get one? Black families must have white people stand for them to receive the same fair housing treatment.

Sen Scott wrote the following opinion editorial (OP-ED) response to wokeism, which he compared to white supremacy…”So, we collectively have a choice: We can continue down the path of toxic woke mandates and virtue signaling that themselves create discrimination, segregation, and hate, or we can choose to create equality of opportunity and access to the American Dream for everyone. Because I believe in the goodness of America, I remain hopeful that we will choose the Opportunity Society.”

The words seem to support a democratic vision. Still, upon closer inspection, the terms lack the conviction of a John Lewis, whom Scott called a friend. However, the similarities end because Scott still has not got his party to pass his dead “friend’s Voting Rights Act nor the George Floyd Justice in policing action, instead touting his work on funding HBCUs although his party seeks to block Ivy League school admissions for blacks, deny women access to life-saving reproductive health treatment, but he claims victory on an education bill that offers choice for minorities but no affirmative action. He flexes tough skin in face of being called every insult under the sun but is silent on Trump impeachment and almost never breaks party lines - fear of stepping out of line may cost him his favored role. Scott says he is tough because ”woke” people call him names but sticks to his ideals that offer a wafer thin roadmap written in invisible ink! Okay so being called a puppet or token doesn't bother you because like most successful black conservatives that believe that since you are allowed to swim in same ocean as your white counterparts that is success. Well many black Americans don't swim or care to learn because they are too busy with learning to survive driving while black or fishing while black or bird watching while black! John Lewis invited Sen Scott to walk with him on the anniversary in a show of unity because he was the bigger person and the more courageous! He faced down racist white police officers with dogs and clubs/batons. John Lewis extended an invitation to Scott to be a part of the Selma commemorative March in hopes of showing Sen Scott that history does matter and is relevant but Scott missed the point! And do many conservatives who believe in their own false narrative that equality, justice, and freedom are for the majority and the minority seek to usurp them and do to them what is currently done to nonconservative black people?

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