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Pinocchio Lives in Georgia

Updated: Nov 1, 2022


Everything is under attack from the right. GOP states led an assault against Banned books to voting rights to preserve the sanctity of the white Christian conservative movement, an ultra-right extremism movement that has been around for decades. Likewise, the political battle for control of the Senate and the House of Representatives has a long history, makings this year’s senator races important, especially for the GOP. Senator Mitch McConnell seeks to wrest control from Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, the current majority leader.

Who is in the Georgia Senator race?

Georgia finds itself in the spotlight for the upcoming 2022 election as GOP and Democrats monitor the outcome of the senate race between Conservative Herschel Walker and Sen Raphael Warnock of Savannah, Georgia. Both candidates are African American and don’t share many other similarities. Mr. Walker played football for the University of Georgia. The best college football player won the award. He is a benevolent son of Georgia; he worked under the harsh unapologetic sun of football plantations. Mr. Walker rushed into Georgia sports glory, thrilling many Georgia Bulldogs fans. Senator Warnock busied himself working for his community members. He preached to his congregation and led them as Senior Pastor. As a United States Senator, he worked in a bipartisan congress to ensure his state received better healthcare benefits and infrastructure funds.

The past few weeks have delivered a few embarrassing political issues for the GOP and Herschel Walker. It should not be surprising that Donald Trump picked Walker to run for Georgia Senator. The glaring contradiction of a racist supporting an African American to oppose another African American is right out of the former President’s adopted MAGA playbook. I enjoyed Jell-O mold chilled in the fridge as a child. The GOP has a favorite mold of sorts too. This mold is the reason for Herschel Walker and answers the questions for MAGA defenders–Why is a Black Man running as a Republican candidate? Herschel Walker fits the mold–the stereotypical black republican candidate. For example, Donald Trump has long admired athletes and violence. Walker is both. Walker is a pathological liar. He has lied about his children, even to his campaign staff. But, he condemns fatherless homes. Other false claims include his fictitious law enforcement career. He used a badge as a prop during a political debate against his Democratic opponent. One of my favorite Herschel Walker lies; he claimed his supporter Donald Trump never claimed the 2020 election was stolen. Come on, Man! He is also Pro-Life and a Christian. So, besides the secret children, he paid his girlfriend to get an abortion, and when presented with a copy of the actual check, he confirmed he wrote the review but didn’t know what it was for, which brings me back to violence. He has admitted to domestic abuse in the past. Newt Gingrich on Fox News Channel (Tuesday 6:14PT) said Herschel Walker “will do more to change the senate just by his mere presence…”. So, if he wins and follows orders, everything will be great. Above all, Herschel Walker is the stereotypical black man seen by the GOP as amenable, athletic, obedient, able to read, and beholden to a GOP white Christian agenda. Herschel Walker was a violent football player and took that side of him off the field as well. In addition, he does not take care of his children and has had kids out of marriage.

He pretends a lot which makes him appear to be lazy. The GOP stereotype of black men in America was fulfilled and embodied in a singular candidate–Herschel Walker. He won’t think, question, step out of line or speak against the “agenda”! He is perfect for GOP and horrible for Georgia and America.

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