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Embrace Freedom of Choice and Explore Florida's Unyielding Stand against Inclusiveness

"To be or not to be "is a famous Shakespeare quote. This quote reminds me of the fundamental right to choose. Autonomy over one's self is critical to existing in the right and just society. When a person's freedom of choice is removed, society no longer begins to flourish. No choice is like pedaling backward up a steep mountainous path. Yes, the example elicits a painful reminder of the human body's limitations for ordinary individuals and those who are disadvantaged. As a restricted society, we don't have any traction to progress toward achieving self-actualization. Because what you tell me I am allowed to do or to dictate what I need is not a choice but slavery by a different name. I feel constrained and restricted by an ideology that does not align with my beliefs, stripping away my autonomy comparable to the infringement upon a woman's reproductive rights or citizens' right to vote.

The famous quote, "To be or not to be," uttered by Shakespeare, resonates deeply with the concept of freedom and the right to choose. This expression highlights the fundamental human need for autonomy over oneself and its profound impact on societal progress and individual fulfillment. In this article, I discuss the significance of personal choice in fostering a flourishing society, highlighting the detrimental consequences of restricting freedom and emphasizing the importance of preserving individual autonomy. For a society to flourish and be fair, protecting the freedom to make choices is crucial. Without personal autonomy, progress is hindered, creativity is stifled, and the inherent worth of each individual is diminished.

The Empowerment of Personal Choice:

Personal choice empowers individuals to express distinctive selves and pursue paths aligned with their values and aspirations. The ability to make decisions freely fosters a sense of emotional agency and cultivates a society of empowered individuals, leading to more significant innovation, productivity, and social progress.

Hindrances to Societal Flourishing Without Autonomy:

Constricting personal choice restricts growth, development, and the pursuit of happiness.

A society that limits frankly impedes progress and denies individuals the opportunity to contribute fully to the collective well-being. Restrictive policies and systems lead to discontent, frustration, and social

unrest, undermining societal harmony and stability.

The Link Between Freedom of Choice and Human Dignity:

Every individual possesses inherent value and deserves respect for their autonomous decision-making. Respecting personal choice and upholding autonomy acknowledges and affirms the worth and dignity of each person. Depriving individuals of their right to choose undermines their inherent humanity and reduces them to mere subjects of manipulation.

The Role of Choice in Personal Growth:

Making choices, whether they result in success or failure, is essential for personal growth and self-actualization.

The freedom to choose allows individuals to learn from their experiences, adapt, and evolve, fostering a society of resilient and dynamic individuals. In addition to restricting race and sexism discussions in public schools, Florida has defunded its diversity programs so that any personal choice you may have once had to learn about other cultures for personal growth and education no longer shall be available, if not dramatically limited.

Overcoming the Illusion of Choice:

It is essential to distinguish true freedom of choice from illusory forms that eternalize societal control and manipulation. Recognizing and challenging systems that limit options and promote an illusion of choice is vital to preserving genuine autonomy and promoting a flourishing society. As long as we remain free to exercise our right to vote, to speak out, and to write and publish articles, we live with the democratic ideals to help make the world better. Desantis's majority Republican state government passed Florida Gov Ron Desantis's anti-protest bill (HB1). The bill provides another example of the Governor's attempts to restrict anything related to his minority state citizens. In the wake of Black Lives Matter peaceful protests and the George Floyd murder, the law redefines what a riot is and makes it a felony no less to have three or more citizens protest. Again, this hypocritical anti-protest law is currently blocked by a judge for having a similar issue to the 1956 Tallahassee bus boycott. As a resident, it feels like being black in Florida is a crime in itself and that whether you are driving, talking, fishing, or breathing is a crime. The message is clear - the Florida GOP chooses to attack the African-American citizens legislatively but gives a pass to the AR-15-wielding protestors who are white. We may see state "Welcome To Florida" signs with an additional message, "Turn around if you belive in Covid and Equality."

Consequence of Restricted Autonomy:

The consequences of restricting freedom and limiting personal autonomy are far-reaching and have detrimental effects on individuals and society. When individuals' freedoms are curtailed, it undermines fundamental human rights and stifles the progress and development of society.

One significant consequence of restricting freedom is the stifling of creativity and innovation. Personal autonomy allows individuals to explore their ideas, talents, and potential. When individuals cannot make choices that align with their interests and values, they are inhibited from thinking outside the box and taking risks. As a result, society loses out on new ideas and innovative solutions to pressing issues.

Furthermore, limiting personal autonomy curtails personal growth and fulfillment. Each person has unique goals, aspirations, and desires, and personal independence enables them to pursue these aims. However, when individuals are restricted in their choices, they may feel trapped or unfulfilled, leading to diminished life satisfaction and overall well-being. This affects individuals personally and impacts society's collective sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Moreover, restricting personal autonomy hampers societal progress. A thriving society relies on the contributions and active participation of its members. By limiting personal freedom, individuals' ability to fully participate in economic, social, and political spheres is undermined. This hinders the generation of new ideas, stifles innovation, and impedes collective advancement.

Additionally, the erosion of personal autonomy undermines human rights and dignity. Every individual has the right to independence and self-determination. When these rights are violated, it diminishes the dignity and self-worth of individuals. This erosion of autonomy may lead to increased stress, anxiety, and feelings of powerlessness, negatively affecting mental and emotional well-being.

"Every day that Florida's abortion ban is in effect is another day that people's lives are at risk. A decision upholding the abortion ban would be excessive, denying people control over their bodies and futures." Alexandra Mandado, president and CEO Planned Parenthood of South, East, and North Florida

Finally, restricting freedom and limiting personal autonomy can potentially give rise to social unrest. When individuals feel stifled and oppressed, their frustration and discontentment may manifest in protests, demonstrations, or even civil disobedience. This can disrupt societal harmony and stability, leading to widespread unrest and conflict. The consequences of restricting freedom and limiting personal autonomy extend far beyond the individual. They harm individuals and society by stifling creativity and innovation, curbing personal growth and fulfillment, hindering societal progress, violating human rights and dignity, and potentially leading to social unrest. It is crucial to recognize the importance of personal autonomy as a fundamental aspect of a thriving and harmonious society.

In conclusion, the famous Shakespeare quote, "To be or not to be," is a poignant reminder that personal choice and autonomy are fundamental to a thriving and just society. The ability to make decisions freely empowers individuals, fosters personal growth, and contributes to the overall progress of humanity. Conversely, restricting freedom stifles creativity, hinders societal development, and undermines human dignity. Preserving and safeguarding personal choice is not only a matter of individual rights but also a collective responsibility toward creating a society that values and respects the autonomy of each individual.

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