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What is the redline - democracy and truth?

I believe each citizen registered as a voter should be able to participate in a democratic voting process i encumbered by oppressive voter suppression laws that harken back to Jim Crow and the good ole days “make America (great again).” If voting was such an issue why was it okay during the Reagan and Bushes presidency or 2016. Why must only GOP governed states enact voter suppression? Why are there only challenged ballots primarily challenged in GOP states list in 2020? Why did the Federal Courts and Supreme Court throw out over forty frivolous lawsuits disputing the election results? Why is it that mail in ballots during a PANDEMIC were wrong? Why is broad safe access to voting by mail wrong? Why despite exhaustive reviews and investigations there was NOT a single count overturned or corrected? Why is that millions of tax payer dollars siphoned and paid to “stop the steal” entities for sham”expert” ballot reviews okay to perform? Why is it okay to fund with tax payer money election police offices? But Child Protection, Women and Homeless shelters and Missing Persons division are funding cemeteries? Why indeed? Selective sincerity or revived pre Civil Right Act conservatism or evangelical pulpit savior sermons or systemic disenfranchisement at every turn? Final thoughts- is a difference between white poor and minority poor? If not, then why do GOP politicians push the narrative of division? Perhaps division is good for business?

There may be a crack forming in the wall of Trump Lies! Where is this crack? The state of Georgia upcoming election provides a proving ground for endorsement of the Trump Lies or conservative voter suppression values. Maybe not a clear win - win for non GOP but perhaps a win - win less! Good News? if polling for incumbent Gov Kemp voter suppression leader over Trump endorsed David Perdue holds then support for the big lie may finally crack! Not entirely of course there is so much money invested in this lie as a group that met at a South Carolina plantation hosted by a Trump lawyer - from there Cyber Ninja, Stop the Steal rallies, political funding in Maricopa Count Az and private jet transportation to spread the gospel by former military general and team of dark and visible money donors. (Links below)

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