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What Happened Buffalo?

The Buffalo massacre will happen again and again and again because you will allow it to…because you are okay and comfortable with minorities being murdered in the name of white supremacy because simply it’s not you or your neighbors, family and children 👧! You are comfortable with disingenuous labels like fringe or right wing as if as long as these white supremacists carry that label you don’t have to wrestle with the truth that these race war proponents are surrogates to preserving an established white majority. Fox media and Tucker Carlson has recited “replacement theory” of manifestos posted by these racist people. So it’s not poor us minorities but we are at an inflection point in America when gun laws and racist massacres must be faced!

You benefit from this evil police double standard. Police discrimination protects you and pushes the ongoing false narrative that black people in particular but most minorities are disproportionately these attacking marauding muderers. Police in Buffalo responded to the massacre at a Tops grocery store and when on scene found a suspect with an automatic weapon and allowed him - allowed him, a monumental amount of restraint and patience to drop his weapon with extended magazine, but unlike the two mentally ill and less dangerous black men in Buffalo recently one of whom was 60 years old and then killed them! Like Jacob Blake black man shot in the back 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 times! And young black man Stephon Clark murdered by Police in California shot in the back while holding a CELL Phone! Or just recently in Detroit where a cop made a traffic stop (happens all the time) and shot a young black man in the back of the head (as the cop yelled let go my stun gun) for his body cam - smart? He murdered him the black man! These things happen ALL THE TIME! And the police calmly talked to the armed Buffalo massacrer to deescalate the situation - he was white! A point of fact - imagine if you knew you could and can violate anyone’s rights at anytime without any accountability- you have todays law enforcement apparatus! Spoiler - my family and small circle of friends include city police, Sheriffs deputies, lawyers and two judges (we all are football Miami 🏈 fans, some are military veterans and share equal portions of disgust in what we see and experience).

So yes a Buffalo like Massacre will occur again and there will be major news coverage. What consequence?

Black people are not going anywhere; we cannot and will not be broken 😡! So as you are satisfied that we get killed and you don’t get massacred, I pray 🙏 that lost hateful souls return to being the abhorrent small group rather than the mainstream American and GOP Republican Party consumed by angry race baiting white elected base Today! Of course this can and will be seen as a dramatic ranting - but when did you decide that wholesale continuous violations against a minority group was okay - approximately 10 people were murdered and the murderer was safely arrested so when did you start hating equal justice and when you did you start disliking brown and black skin color; when did your empathy evaporate; when did you stop trying to love and replaced it with hate, acceptance, and disdain for others.

I love and forgive all of these assassins whom carry out violent racial rampages because I chose to express my love and belief in a greater purpose.

Your silence is a deafening compliance.

If I should meet my end by way of law enforcement or misguided ideology please do not mourn for me not because I am black but because you never really believed so everything else is just disingenuous.

Black people are not replacing anyone but a growing Hispanic and Asian population will increase far greater - consult census data. Minorities are not the problem but white extremism and racist ideology is. The thought that white Americans fear becoming a minority is proof positive that they know how minorities are treated is WRONG!

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