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Waste not Want Not?

The House Republican Oversight Committee used their new majority as pledged to expose to the world and American public just how corrupt and evil the Biden Family and administration actually are in performing their duties. Mind you, their Trump Administration was so stellar? After 4 long awaited months, House Republicans rolled out the red evidence carpet only to find it was in tatters meaning there was nothing there and offered the apology (claim) of more corruption to come. The Report discovered NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING; unlike, the twice impeached former GOP President Trump where he was found most wanting in a BIPARTISAN vote.

But oh it gets so much better, just days later the same GOP House Republican committee chair proclaimed he had an informant that had came forward to discuss the alledged corruption. Then this past weekend on Fox News, he sullenly proclaimed “he had lost the informant”!

So, I am to understand the bipartisan January 6th committee was a farce and witchhunt but produced multiple convictions and evidence of treachery and a solid case for insurrection, but rabid GOP dog kennel cant find even a nibble of corruption with no Democrats in the way to muddy the waters - that’s really interesting. Don’t you think?

Oh, it still gets better! The highly anticipated and much discussed Fox News anti democrat and pro trump investigation finally delivered a report. After 4 long years, Durham released his anticipated report on the Russian investigation scandal and that arrived with a great big thud! No new evidence and no earth shattering “tape”; informant; subpoena; or indictment.

Do you see a trend? There is nothing behind all the bluster, accusations, finger pointing, and angst from the right-wing. When it comes to providing evidence, there is no George Floyd knee on neck or Emmit Till lynching moment. However, there is hard facts regarding the pain the GOP continues to inflict on communities that dont agree with them. In Florida, Gov Desantis added another ban to his trophy wall; this time he has banned diversity funding. So Florida residents shall not mingle or mix races or even learn how diversity is actually what this country was founded for (unless your MAGA). Serious question, growing up did sitting next to a person of another race kill you? Desantis also signed AAPI bill further plunging a discrimmination knife into the hearts of ethnic minorities in Florida. So, his thinking if we can just turn the clock back to 1950, devalue minorities, promote the white race and exclude all others then we can “make america great again.” Get the picture now. Gov Desantis and Gov Abbott of Texas and other Red States governors do have a plan, but it is so wasteful and disgusting. The Durham report spent approx $6M in taxpayer funds.

But the Durham Report is done.

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