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Senate Hearing Sunmer Heat

As if climate change was not threatening enough for our country and our planet, the summer heat ratcheting up the already simmering and near boiling point presentation in the most and recent eighth senate hearing! Chairperson Liz Cheney held court in place of the honorable Senator Bennie Thompson who has Covid-19 or variant thereof serving as a lighthouse in the fog mist of misinformation and A reminder to post pandemic deniers and election fraud claimants (more on this later) that what you deny but secretly fear is indeed real and still posing an existential threat to human health. Covid-19 continues kill humans across the world but somehow it is not real only here in Arizona. Idaho, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida and West Virginia and other pockets of confused states.

Recent reports from Greenland stated that the ice melting produced waters that could cover the state of West Virginia, the home of obstructionist democrat Joe Manchin! Put aside that every democratic effort on “build back better” and policing reform and my personal favorite bill, the John Lewis Voting rights act, has been stalled and delayed and foot dragged by mr Manchin for what head scratching reason we don’t know despite his own constituents wanting those very same things but what I do know is that his obstruction has hurt the American people by blocking fundamental benefits so thanks JM (not really)!

Along with climate change’s continued impact to Mother Earth; similarly, the eighth senate hearing has impacted this mother land of a once proud shining democracy where political parties could disagree agreeably, but no not anymore it’s about power, and unbridled wealth and fictitious “wins” against THEM; by the way, THEM are other Americans whom are neighbors, living within the these borders and paying taxes in fact more taxes than the wealthy sponsored republican oligarchs that have used every purchased loophole to expand their wealth and further separate from the common folk. So THEM is US and WE as in the middle and lower class too busy helping people who don’t actually care about you to win. If anything, the senate hearing not shown by Fox News-Why? Well, why would you risk showing your mega MAGA base a nationally televised senate hearing where fellow Republicans in bipartisanship are doing the peoples business by investigating and showing the other 2/3 what actually happened on Jan 6th and putting to rest the peaceful rioting or wandering mob false narratives from Fox News who disingenuously supported the coup. Lifelong Republican White House staff members have given blistering courageous firsthand testimony portraying a dereliction of constitutional obligation and failure to act for good and security of the republic rather than the actions for self preservation. So no Fox News does not want to risk ratings debacle (cause that’s so important) and meanwhile they get to broadcast the more important topics like the President Biden’s Covid-19 status cause they hypocritically never did that for his predecessor but boy it sure beats hearing and watching live how top WH staff members resigned on that day because of first hand witnesses to the debacle and the shame of it all I. Their own words that transpired. We learned that this was not a random coup attempt but an attempt that was part of a strategized 7-8 part plan to delay Congress certification of election results in order to keep the current administration in power- yea kind of like a third world coup that AMERICA once frown upon and admonished countries for! The hearing has expertly turned out solid evidence to show the near horrific coup success with examples of VP barely escaping and other government officials scurrying for safety with a real imminent threat of potential AR-15 hunting weapons used against as seen in so many mass shooting! I’ve heard people actually laugh off the 6 Jan insurrection saying it wasn’t a coup attempt because it failed - really! The mere threat alone is not enough to substantiate the insurrection but rather the lack of execution result showed it was anything but a “real” coup attempt! Well the senate hearing blew that theory away with unearthed evidence of pipe bombs, automatic weapons, and small arms that were all directed at the Capitol and the peoples representatives. Oh it was real alright and way worse than anyone of us realized!

Finally, as more hearings may take place, I am left with the gnawing discomforting feeling that as the committee unearths more evidence like secret service failings, we may yet experience another hijacking of democracy and enter a post apocalyptic facism era already being staged by MAGA sychopants who know the election wasn’t stolen but they have figure out it’s easier to gain power with a lie and slogging through with the truth - like taking a shortcut home on a road trip - who doesn’t want to just bypass traffic! Except these shortcuts leave our republic in tatters draped in lies which make it easy for facism to take root! The reason Joe Biden won was because more people were legitimately afraid of another four years of lower basement dealings and narcissist rantings if injecting bleach into our bodies to get rid of Covid-19 even though some supporters on the right deny existence of Covid-19 as if 1 million Americans died from bad air? Really? The Florida Governor told a panel of high schoolers to remove their masks (inferring they didn’t have to wear them) calling it Covid theater! Well there in lies the problem government issuing non evidential instruction like “fight like hell” or “Covid theater” and both resulting in Americans nearly dying or dying! May we all be protected by our Better Angels! And vote! We either moan about lack meaningful or devalued vote or we participate in an American citizen right that so many like Medgar Evers, the NAACP's first field secretary in Mississippi assassinated by a white supremacist for audacity for promoting voting and civil rights! I stand on his shoulders and will be voting once again and again and again until the facists take that right away. Department of Justice needs to act swiftly and investigate and hold accountable all the perpetrators involved because NO OnE is above the Law!

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