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Just Take a Little off the Top

Military suicides remain high! Especially in the enlisted ranks where many young families require government assistance and lack of help often results in gateway to homelessness. Assistance and VA healthcare have been targeted by a GOP Republican House Bill and the Republican Speaker McCarthy. Republicans call spending cut claims to be false and lies. Nonetheless, they accuse the White House of fearmongering-really? But which party uses Fox News media to peddle conservative propaganda? Which party gave the wealthiest citizens large tax cuts? Which party consistently works to block assistance, voting rights, human rights, and LGBTQ rights? Which party has aligned themselves with Neo Nazi organization? Racism anyone? Oh right. Nothing to see here. After all, just because the racists Neo Nazi group in Ohio support Republican state bills attacking LGBTQ community doesn't mean anything! LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

“The GOP proposal does not specifically cut VA funding, but it would place a cap on the overall amount of money the government can spend, leaving it to the Appropriations Committee to determine later which departments would get cuts and which ones wouldn't.” (

The GOP have always revealed their intentions and the subsequently feigned insult or outrage when called out for their blatant hypocrisy. I mean they love “locker room” talk. What’s a little misogyny between political party members. Remember a couple years ago when GOP Sen. Lindsay Graham lied (changed his mind) about judicial vacancies. He said one thing and did the opposite! He was Judiciary Committee chair.

I would prefer an honest discourse and transparent plan of their cuts rather than the tired bait and switch! Any social assistance or mere appearance of government helping to make lives better is seen by conservatives as government weakness! Pity Republicans have to see suffering to be successful and elated! Maybe white supremacy is fueled by the screams of hungry babies and tortured afflicted minorities and their devalued humanity-strength in numbers and those with weapons?

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